We are doddering toward conflict with a fellow nuclear power. How can our ruling class be so seemingly oblivious to the danger, or so nonchalant about the risk?

By Bonnie Kristian, fellow at Defense Priorities

Another day, another story of rising tensions with China. On Thursday, it was Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blithely announcing the Trump administration’s rejection of half a century of engagement with Beijing begun by President Richard Nixon.

Pompeo characterized the U.S. role in that engagement from Nixon’s time until today as “fealty,” “flattery” and “acquiescence,” and he envisioned a more aggressive posture toward China, grounded in ideological opposition to communism, for the United States moving forward. He rejected the notion that the U.S. was engaging in a new Cold War, but, remarkably, did so by suggesting China could pose a greater threat than the Soviet Union ever did.

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