January 17, 2020Headline, News

‘Red Air’ Providers Prep For A Big Year Of War Games

Last year, the Air Force tapped seven defense companies for a $6.4 billion opportunity for “Red Air” training where contracted pilots pose as aggressors in air-to-air combat. With the fiscal 2020 budget finally approved, those firms are hungry to hear for more information about when and...

January 16, 2020Headline, News

US-Iran war would bring ‘untold chaos’ warns Jordan’s King

A war between the US and Iran would wreak “untold chaos” on the world, Jordan’s King Abdullah II warned Wednesday, in a speech to European lawmakers on the tensions boiling across the Middle East. Although Washington and Tehran are currently in a standoff after tit-for-tat military...

January 15, 2020Headline, News

Russia’s Putin Accuses U.S. Of Raising Risk Of Nuclear War

President Vladimir Putin on Thursday accused the United States of raising the risk of nuclear war by threatening to spurn a key arms control treaty and refusing to hold talks about another pact that expires soon. In a news conference that lasted more than three hours, Putin also backed...

January 12, 2020Headline, News

Behind the Assassination of Soleimani

Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi claims that in the build up to Qasem Soleimani’s assassination, President Trump threatened to carry out false flag murders of Iraqi protesters that would then be blamed on Abdul-Mahdi unless he agreed to hand over 50% of the country’s oil revenue....


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