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Wall Street’s Takeover of Nature Advances with Launch of New Asset Class

A project of the multilateral development banking system, the Rockefeller Foundation and the New York Stock Exchange recently created a new asset class that will put, not just the natural world, but the processes underpinning all life, up for sale under the guise of promoting...

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UN Chief, in an Unprecedented War of Words, Battles it out with a Member State

By Thalif DeenReprint | | Print | Food is distributed to people in the Afar region of Ethiopia. The first round of food distributions to people in Afar and Amhara regions impacted by the spread of the conflict in northern Ethiopia has been completed, the World Food Programme (WFP) said...

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Mr. Powell, You’re No Adlai Stevenson

The former Illinois governor showed the world incontrovertible proof of Soviet efforts to place nuclear missiles in Cuba. February 6, 2003Stephen Zunes Pundits are comparing Secretary of State Colin Powell’s speech at the United Nations to the dramatic presentation in 1962 by U.S....

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After Corbyn, Israel Lobby Turns Guns on UK Academia

October 19, 2021 The Jewish Chronicle warns that the dismissal of Professor David Miller by the University of Bristol is “just the beginning,” writes Jonathan Cook.  A tower on the University of Bristol campus. (Emily Gillingham, University of Bristol, Flickr, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)...

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