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Iran Sees Israeli Cyber attack as Nuclear Terrorism

Officials blame Mossad for blackout Jason Ditz Posted on April 11, 2021Categories NewsTags Iran, Israel Seemingly timed to disrupt ongoing P5+1 nuclear talks in Vienna, a cyberattack against Natanz has caused a power failure, and forces the uranium enrichment facility to temporarily stop...

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DIANA JOHNSTONE: The Imperialism of Foolery

April 7, 2021 Pro-Western Syrian exiles have issued a diatribe against the most informative critics of U.S. war policy at a time when Washington’s aggressiveness is reaching new levels of intensity. A protest placard in the Kafersousah neighborhood of Damascus, Syria, Dec. 26, 2012....

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Mozambique’s conflict and the question of foreign intervention

Attack on Palma has again increased pressure for more foreign military intervention, which Maputo has long resisted. By Joseph Stepansky9 Apr 2021 The bloody takeover late last month of Palma, a northern town at the centre of Mozambique’s vast oil and natural gas prospects, has again...

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Ukraine’s Top Commander Invokes NATO’s Article 5 Military Assistance Clause as West Continues to Oversee Ukraine’s War in the Donbass

Rick Rozoff Posted on April 9, 2021Categories News Colonel-General Ruslan Khomchak, the commander-in-chief of Ukraine’s armed forces, is quoted today as boasting that his nation’s military is capable of responding to what he deemed the “aggravation of the situation” in the Donbass, in...

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PATRICK LAWRENCE: Biden’s Inhumanity on Syria

April 6, 2021 By Patrick LawrenceSpecial to Consortium News For a time after Joe Biden took office not quite three months ago, among the questions raised was how the new administration would address the Syria question. I do not think we will have to wonder about this much longer. It is...

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US-Funded Uyghur Activists Train as Soldiers of Empire

April 8, 2021 Profoundly illiberal forces lie behind the veneer of a peaceful campaign for human rights, Ajit Singh reports.   By Ajit SinghThe Grayzone On March 21, U.S.-government-funded Uyghur activists were caught on video disrupting a gathering against anti-Asian racism in...

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Biden to request $715B budget for the Pentagon, slight increase from last year

It’s a modest increase from the current level, but below the level projected by the Trump administration in its final budget. The White House is set to release the broad outlines of its fiscal 2022 budget submission on Friday. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images By CONNOR O’BRIEN and...

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