The perfect way to protect your bankroll

The Laboucher system is based on a variable series of numbers. However, this should not frighten you, because the essence of the strategy id parimatch can be understood even by someone who is bad at math. There are just two systems of Laboucher - the classical and the reversible. Let's see which one does not take into account losses, and which one - takes care of even failures, that is, is able to save your bank.

The classic Laboucher strategy.

First, determine the amount of net profit you want to make. Next, divide the amount into a series of numbers. There is no rule as to how exactly should divide. The main thing - in total, all of the numbers in the series should provide the desired profit.

For example, you wish to earn 2,000 rubles of net profit. You may divide the number into five equal parts of 400 rubles. After that, take two numbers - the first and last, and the sum of these two numbers bet at a rate of 2.00.

If the bet loses, the sum of these two bets are entered at the end of the row: 400, 400, 400, 400, 400, 800. But if our bet is in, then cross out the first and last number, and then we will be left with 400, 400, 400.

It is not difficult to understand our problem - we need to cross out the entire row of numbers. If the bet played, we cross out two numbers, if it lost, we add another one. But do not forget, but in case of each next loss you will increase the bet amount.

Reversible Laboucher Strategy

If you lose, you should cross out the first and last number in the row, and after winning - add the bet amount to the end. If in the classic scheme you yourself determine the desired profit, in the reverse one it is different - you determine only the amount that you can lose. You yourself must determine what the maximum bet amount will be.

In such a game there are two outcomes:

  • After a series of wins, you must stop if the next bet exceeds the maximum limit.
  • The cycle ends when all the numbers are crossed out. In this case you have gone into deficit.


The Laboucher system can teach you to take a break from betting, resulting in avoiding major losses. Keep playing this strategy if you go in the plus, but if you fail, take a little rest. If you are new to sports betting, you need to learn self-control, because without it it is difficult to count on success over a long distance.


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