The Grandiosity and Effectiveness of Hockey in Sports Betting

The main advantages of hockey betting

What are the benefits of hockey betting?

Frequency of matches. Hockey competitions are held every 2-3 days, which provides an excellent basis for competent and professional pre-match analysis.

Unpredictability of combinations. Hockey games are known around the world for great sensations and completely unexpected clashes, when, it would seem, the clear outsider strengthens its position in a nearly lost match.

Hockey sweepstakes online from Parimatch is a unique opportunity to join the team of true fans of hockey as a sport, getting a chance to reach the peak of success in betting on hockey.

Main types of bets

The types of bets that Parimatch bookmaker office offers its customers include:

  • Victory of the chosen favorite or draw - a standard type, which allows you to combine different outcomes of the main time of the competition.
  • Handicap - in case of choosing this type of bet, the game does not start with the zero value of the score. To get a positive result in the form of a win at this bet, the selected favorite must win over the opponent with a certain advantage, and any other outcome will mean a loss for the bettor.
  • On the number of pucks thrown into the opponent's goal - the player is offered to choose the value of the pucks thrown during the match, which will be more or less than the specified.
  • Non standard types of hockey bets Parimatch - we offer a wide range of other types of bets, such as bets on the outcome of certain periods, on the odd or even total, as well as many others.

Parimatch offers a unique opportunity to bet on the most famous hockey leagues and the most important sport events. Hockey odds have high enough values, and the game conditions will be clear even for beginners in the world of gambling


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