Left 4 Dead 2: Preview Friv Game

Left 4 Dead 2's announcement at this year's E3 sounded like Tank's roar in the night. Heated controversy flared up on the forums. Some argued that Valve was ruined by greed, they say, they decided to release the same thing as soon as possible at the price of a full-fledged sequel; the latter firmly believed in the developers and were looking forward to the continuation of the multiplayer zombie shooter. After all, the creators of Half-Life , Counter-Strike and Team Fortress can't release a bad Friv game, can they?

By the way, as you read this preview, virtual America is going through the nth apocalypse. The fearless Yankees did not have time to recover from the first outbreak of the zombie virus epidemic, and the infected freaks are again waiting for the unfortunate in the forests, fields and cities.

Fortunately for humans, zombies have not infested the entire mainland. The town of Savannah in Georgia, from which the next journey to the life-saving transport will begin, has not been affected by the infection. True, guessing, apparently that such happiness is short-lived, the four are immune [jokes about Actimel, vaccinations, etc. are usually located here. We give you the opportunity to shine] goes on a long road, shooting crowds of zombies.

Here we learn about the first "goodies" L4D 2... Unlike the original, all five new campaigns are now linked and even some kind of storyline is outlined. The adventure of the four survivors will begin in Savannah and end in New Orleans. But, unfortunately, we will not see Bill, Louis, Zoey and Francis again. Just six months after the original came out, they were retired. This "misfortune" was the last straw, and a group of fans even organized the NO-L4D2 community.

And they can be understood. The heroes of the first part were the most familiar adventurers from B-horror films about zombies and during these six months they became loved and some kind of relatives. Characters from the new four did not so often "shine" in the cinema, and you cannot call them bright personalities. A moderately chubby school coach, Latina journalist Rochelle, mechanic Ellis and a guy in a white suit Nick - so far, at least, it is difficult to imagine that they will become worthy replacements for Bill, Zoey, Louis and Francis.

“And the gameplay, the gameplay! He hasn't changed! Where are the new campaigns for the first part ?!" - fans are indignant. But they are, to put it mildly, not entirely right.

First, the gameplay has clearly evolved. Disembodied uncle The director gained one version and is now called AI Director 2.0... From now on, the cunning man not only skillfully juggles useful objects and crowds of infected, scattering them across the map ... I remember that in one of the presentations of the first part, a Valve employee said: "The director cannot change the architecture of the level." Well, now it can. For example, in the location "Cemetery", shown at E3, depending on the level of play of the survivors, the path along which they had to go varied from almost straight to a labyrinth with many obstacles and dead ends. And this is far from the only difficulty in the second part.

The gameplay of the sequel has become much deeper. In the original, the key moments of the campaigns were passed quite easily, it was enough just to sit out in some room, accurately shooting zombies. Now "camping" is unprofitable. New ones will be added to the old zombie bosses, some of them will easily "smoke out" the survivors from cozy corners and rooms. A loader, for example, with long arms can easily scatter heroes in all directions and stun for a few seconds. Moreover, the scheme "showered the zombies with Molotov cocktails, and the trick is in the bag" will not work either. Some types of infected now do not burn in fire and thereby cause a lot of problems for survivors, who even burn in the fire.

Why are there zombies, the climax is impossible to pass by simply sitting in the corner! The developers completely changed the concept of key scenes. Now, to get rid of the crowds of zombies, you need to turn off, for example, the siren, reaching the button at the other end of the street. Naturally, "camping" in such a situation is useless, because the "waves" will not stop while the alarm howls. The final scenes will now also have to be played differently. The rescue vehicle does not need to wait for a certain time, you will have to fight your way through the hordes of the infected with the battle.

In this situation, "Expert" seems incredibly difficult. But to restore the balance, 20 new weapons will appear in the sequel. In addition to firearms with a bonus in the form of incendiary cartridges, there will be joy for lovers of “meat and blood” - chainsaws, axes, bats and ... frying pans! To break through to the point of evacuation with a chainsaw in hand... Now the "Expert" seems to be passable again, doesn't it?

“Okay, persuaded! But the atmosphere is lost, you have to play during the day!" - the disputants are not appeased. But are the designers from Valve, professionals of such a high class, using such a proven engine as Source, will not be able to convey the feeling of despair and hopelessness in the "daytime" locations? Hardly. Add to this the gameplay features associated with daylight hours. An annoyed Witch, for example, does not sit still, as it was before, but wanders around the city. So if suddenly a hysterical lady crawled into one of the crowds of zombies, and you noticed it too late, do not be surprised... And this is not the last little thing that can radically change Friv game situations.

The latest argument from disgruntled fans has also been dashed recently. Additions to the first part - to be. As for the inferiority of the second part ... Director 2.0, a new concept of climaxes, as many as 7 zombie bosses, 20 types of weapons, 5 completely independent campaigns with an available "Battle" mode. The Friv game already looks “tasty and thick”. Ahead - six months of development and, undoubtedly, pleasant surprises. Now tell me, indignant gentlemen, is this not a full-fledged continuation?


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