America lives in a constant state of war.

And yet, it’s not a primary issue among the population, nor among the Democratic contestants in The Presidential Reality Show.

In fact in the first two rounds of Democratic candidate debates, foreign policy issues were barely addressed, taking up just 3 percent of the total dialogue.

Among the population, Afghanistan, the longest war by far in the nation’s history might as well be ancient history.

Despite trillions spent on the never-ending War on Terror in which Afghanistan is just one episode, it’s long forgotten and the general public doesn’t seem to care.

When peace talks between the U.S. and the Taliban broke down a few weeks ago, rather than admit the negotiations had failed, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tried to turn defeat into victory.

He moronically declared, “al-Qaeda is defeated and a shadow of its former self in Afghanistan.”

Speaking to ignorant fools who swallow D.C. bullshit, the lying disgrace of a human being went on to say 19 years of war had “greatly reduced the risk that an attack on the United States of America would emanate from Afghan soil.”


No. Failure!

After 18 years the Taliban have…




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