November, 2021

Family members of Fadi Abu Shkheidem, a Palestinian man killed on Sunday after opening fire on Israelies in Jerusalem, have been detained.

Israeli forces -- Anadolu

Israeli forces raided the homes of the killed Palestinian and his two brothers, shortly after his death [Getty-file photo]

Israeli forces have “terrorised” the family of a Palestinian man who was killed on Sunday after opening fire on Israelis in Jerusalem, his brother-in-law has told The New Arab.

Fadi Abu Shkheidem was shot dead by Israeli forces after he fired at Israelis with an automatic weapon near the Al-Aqsa compound, leaving one Israeli man dead and several Israeli police officers injured, according to reports.

Shortly after, Israeli police began to “terrorise” his family, detaining his eight-year-old son without charge, his brother-in-law, Muhannad Abu Rumi, said.

“Israeli police called his two brothers and summoned them to the Mascobiyyah interrogation centre in Jerusalem where they were interrogated for several hours,” Abu Rumi told The New Arab.

“After that… hundreds of [Israeli] soldiers raided Abu Shkheidem’s home in the Shuufat refugee camp in Jerusalem.