A Yemeni human rights group says civilians are paying the human cost of the country’s five-year war, while steps to bring perpetrators to account are lacking.

In an annual report released on Tuesday in Paris, Mwatana for Human Rights says humanitarian aid has been blocked at a time of impending famine while civilians can no longer move around the country freely or leave.

The group documented 74 cases of obstructing aid or access, largely blaming Iran-backed Houthis, who have been fighting against a Saudi-led coalition allied with the Yemen government since 2015.

The report said the Yemeni government and coalition forces have also obstructed aid, while millions of civilians in Yemen struggle to feed themselves and their families.

The report stressed that the Yemen government cannot address the humanitarian crisis without addressing the human rights issues and urged the United Nations Human Rights Council to create a commission of inquiry by September.

Based on more than 2,000 interviews with Yemenis, the rights group documented 52 cases of landmines wounding civilians and 150 coalition air attacks, together killing at least 435 people.

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